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American Bridge Association points and ACBL masterpoints

Reading the discussions about foreign bridge players reminded me of what happened a couple of years ago.  I drove my partner and 2 other players to the Nationals in Washington, DC.  We were to play in the 0-750 game.  One of the other two players was African-American, and had no masterpoints but some points from the ABA.  Not only was she informed that she had too many ABA points to play in the 0-750 game, but it was too late for her to move up to a higher level match and all that she could do was watch. (The other player found another partner).  I feel and felt that she was treated very unfairly, especially since there was no way for her to know this in advance. Have any other ABA players had similar experiences? 

(I understand that subsequently there was a conversion process set up to translate her ABA points into masterpoints,)

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