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An Absurd ACBL Procedure

I'd like to make a simple request for the ACBL to put an end to a silly policy.   This procedure may occur in other jurisdictions as well; I'm aware of it only in ACBL run team tournaments.

When there is a three-way (3 team round robin) in a KO or Swiss, after playing the first match, the E-W pair is expected to bring their completed boards to their teammates. 

I don't know if this is a written policy, but it is standard practice at ACBL regionals and sectionals.    It was even announced by the director as the expected procedure at the recent USBF Junior trials, where one division had 3 teams entered, and started with a round robin.  In that case, since I was onsite, I tried to move the boards myself, so that this would never actually happen.

The main reason I think this policy is absurd is as follows:  When the E-W pair finishes play, and brings the boards to their N-S pair, it is quite common for the N-S pair to still be playing a board which the E-W pair is about to play.  

Even when that's not the case, should teammates really have such direct contact?  For one thing, scores are often showing on the table.

Can we stop the madness?  Either get a caddy to move the boards, or ask someone else to take them to your N-S, e.g. a member of the N-S pair you just played against.  If the concern is getting them to the right place, watch that person take them over.  But under no circumstances should someone be going over to the table where teammates are playing, or just finished playing, boards that player is about to play.  

I acknowledge that this is small potatoes, and probably has very little negative affect.  Still, I'm irked by what I see as institutionalized craziness, and I believe it sends the wrong message to players.  And surely there are at least a few people willing to take advantage of something they "accidentally" see.

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