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An interesting message on my answering machine

I'm back to playing club-level bridge, but because of certain ACBL policies (that we don't need to rehash) I made the decision to forgo my ACBL membership this year. I know the ACBL gets a cut of the club's table fees, and that's all I wish to give to the cause. I've had an on-again off-again relationship with the ACBL over the years; they do or say something (or don't do or say something) and I get cranky and withhold membership dues. The renewal notice would come in the mail, and I would renew or chuck it in the garbage can.


This year the notice got chucked, and I confess I'm rather more likely to chuck the renewal notices in the future. For one thing, ranking points don't mean a thing to me. For another, it just grates on me to financially support an organization that doesn't seem to want to listen to my opinions (or penalize me for taking what I deem a moral stance on competitive issues) .


Thus, it was much to my surprise that the ACBL reached out to me by phone. I came home after a 12-hour day to hear from someone named Anna from ACBL headquarters, politely asking me to renew my membership. (It expired in September). I must admit that caught me by surprise; I had only ever corresponded with the ACBL by mail. Right or wrong, I was moved by the call; I don't know if the gesture was a genuine outreach or motivated by financial considerations (we all know the ACBL has $$$ issues) or perhaps it was a little of both.


I currently get my bridge fix by playing robot tournaments on BBO (not the BBO ACBL games) and playing the occasional club game (usually filling in at the last minute - I have no standing games). I ask my BW friends - should I reconsider my position based on the ACBL's reaching out?

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