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An Old Chestnut

I could do with some help here.  I have been playing this game at an OK level for 50 years and as far as Bridge goes I have seen most things and seen most discussions.  Therefore I was quite surprised, in a quite important match, that I had a hand that I felt there must be a simple answer to but, I was not sure what it was.  My partner opened 3H (vul) and I had AQ10XXX, AK10, A, XXX.  OK, so if partner has a stiff club and the King of Spades slam will be cold, but what should I do?  3S appears natural and risks being raised to four on a small doubleton and what are 4C/D?  Natural or Q's?  At rubber, many moons ago, 3S was natural and forcing and 4Minor was a Q - you bid 5 or 6 straight out with a minor. Is there a common method nowadays?  If so, please tell me what it is.  FYI, partner had KX, JXXXXXX, QXX, X and no, we never open 2 with a seven card suit.

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