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An unusual problem for the director

Yesterday at a club game, we bid a hand and I faced the opening lead, the J.  Surprise, surprise, there was a J in the dummy when it came down! My LHO was bidding the hand again from the previous board. During the auction, none of us noticed that the backs of LHO's hand were a different color than those of the rest of us.

The director was called and, after a pause during which we played the third board of the round, the ruling was as follows: rebid the hand with everyone holding the correct cards. If the auction at any point is different, call the director back. The auction was identical and we achieved a normal result.

Was the ruling correct? There doesn't seem to be a specific law to address this situation, although Law 14B2 addresses the problem of "Hand Found Deficient  after Play Commences":

  • if the card (or cards, presumably)is found elsewhere, it is restored to the deficient hand. Rectification and/or penalties may apply (see B4 below).

I added the phrase in italics, but the law doesn't seem to account for there being more than one missing card (thirteen in this case).

B4 simply adds that any card(s) restored under the provision of this law shall be deemed to have been there all along.

So, if I had been the director, I think I would not have repeated the auction but simply restored the proper 13 cards to the dummy and let play continue.

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