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And Another One Bites the Dust

On the last page of the Final Bulletin from Chicago, tucked away in a tiny little article is an announcement that Mike Passell, a heretofore respected elite U.S. bridge player, has been found guilty of prearranging a deal, and according to the article he was placed on 13 month probation and removal of 25% of his total masterpoint holding.


*I mistakenly initially posted  that he was suspended, when in actuality he is only on 13 months PROBATION - Very sorry to all for this error.


This seems to be a screwy sanction.  On the one hand, 13 months probation is a very mild slap for such a blatant egregious offense, and on the other, 25% of all his masterpoints seems HUGE. 


I am devastated by this news.  Is nothing sacred anymore?  Are we  to cease having people we look up to in bridge because no one is above suspicion at the top?  What is the answer?

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