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Anecdotes about famous people playing bridge?

Some people must know good stories about famous people playing bridge which would be appreciated by the rest of us. If I may be permitted to spill over from the chess thread, here's one about Che Guevara. Che was quite a reasonable chess player, physically very fit and on good terms with my late friend Bob Wade. At the Havana 1965 chess tournament Bob was standing on a 6th floor Hotel balcony, when he saw Che Guevara below, flanked by his entourage of burly bodyguards. Bob waved at Che, who gave a shout of recognition, ran into the hotel, up the 6 flights of stairs and greeted Bob warmly.

About half a minute later, the door burst open and the bevy of bodyguards ran into the room panting and wheezing, one of them collapsing exhausted onto the bed....

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