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Announce 1NT Rebid with 15-17 HCP?

My partnership is using Kaplan-Sheinwold, which is becoming increasingly unfamiliar to today's players. In this system a 1NT opening is 12-14 HCP. With 15-17 HCP (and no 5-card major) we open 1 or 1 and then rebid 1NT. In ACBL events, we obviously announce 1NT openings; however we feel opponents will not realize the auction 1m-1M-1NT shows a strong NT, and this in turn could lead them to take a losing competitive action and/or mis-defend. 

To protect both sides we have started announcing these rebids with a simple "15 to 17", even though this isn't technically one of ACBL's situations calling for an announcement. We are curious what is really the right action here.

The strong NT rebid requires an alert
The announcement approach is just right
Do neither: the opponents can work this out by checking the opening 1NT range on your convention card

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