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Another ACBL Technology Issue

The Toronto Easter Regional wrapped up today.  A thought occurred to me watching the long lines of players, waiting to hand cash to a TD selling entries to a slate of impending events (these are no brilliant insights, as I am quite sure that others have thought through the same questions I have):


  1. Why are entries to events only sold in the hour before they begin?  Why can't I go to a cashier and purchase entries for a number of different events at the beginning of the week?
  2. Why can't I buy entries to a regional/sectional tournament event online?
  3. Why can't I use my credit card or a debit card to buy my entry?
  4. Why can't I buy a volume discount for a whole tournament. ex: a $50 sectional tournament pass for 6 sessions in a 3 day tournament where individual events would total, say, $60?
  5. Why are we putting TDs and others at risk, as they tend a growing pile of cash without some explicit security?
  6. Why do we rely on a the Bridge Bucks table at NABCs that is open for roughly an hour a day, with minimal security when we could equip a cashier is a more secure location and track entry purchases on the computer?
  7. Does the money collected in entries according to the present procedures regularly balance with the numbers sold?  Can this be tracked?  Are the present methods enough to ensure integrity and accountability?


If I go to a European tournament, are there different ways I can purchase an entry?  How about Australia?  What about Asian tournaments?


Obviously, the ACBL is going to have to take a big leap into the present (from the 1960s) to get implement something this and I can understand their reluctance to build the computer systems (considering how badly they have managed to mess up the ACBLScore+ project).  But seriously, it is 2015: we really don't need to wait in a queue for 20 minutes to complete a cash transaction.  When I pick up a coffee at Starbucks or Timmies, all I need to do is tap the card reader with my Mastercard.  Purchasing an entry to an event at an ACBL tournament need not be such a painfully antiquated process.








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