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Another ethical question

Ok so this one is somewhat more complicated. Polly referred to this some articles ago in her write-up of her games in SF (she was an opponent at the other table).

The OP:

A swiss, only really pride at stake for your side. You've realised you don't know your system at all (you've had disasters all day, and because of that you've just botched a cold slam), and are pretty down about the day's bridge.

3rd seat, unfavorable,

You hold

xxx xx QJT9xxx A

Partner as dealer opens 1 (2+) and the auction proceeds

1 (1) 2 >alert< ...

You thought your 2 was a transfer to diamonds "to play" which you could later bid again to show diamond length. OK.

Before bidding, your LHO enquires to the alert. Partner confidently says "that's a transfer to diamonds ... oh wait uh hold on"

LHO says "ssssh" and preventsmy partner from clarifying, as he attempts to start. LHO bids 4.

agreement: 2 is natural, a simple raise. I had forgotten (thinking it was a ! transfer), and so initially had partner (yes I know these are unsuitablemethods if we can't remember the 1st competitive bid, but there wouldn't be this article otherwise ...)

The auction continues:

1 (1) 2 (4)

6 DBL 6 All pass

At this point, my LHO calls the director and explains the situation. The hand's played out, and the director called back at the end, and my LHO added that he considered bidding 6.

The UI information here is a bit messed up. When he alerts and almost-un-alerts, I now know that partner doesn't think I have diamonds, whereas I'm supposed to have shown a drop-dead bid. For me, I'm supposed to envision that partner bid 6 on his own opposite some diamonds.

Note that had my partnernot alerted 2, that wouldalsobeUI(since it's supposed to have been a transfer to 2, right? In my mind at least).

Well, it seems hard to imagine what to do if there had been a screen. Holding the A and what smells like a penalty DBL, 6 seems attractive. Of course PASS is a logical alternative.

My question to the experts: is there any way in this messed up affair, that after my wrong 2, that I could still legally bid some number of diamonds?

For instance, one person suggested that:

The director should have been called at the time of the "alert"/mis-explanation, and partner would have been given options (possibly with no further penalty).

"2 is by agreement natural simple raise, for a moment I thought it was a transfer."

Can partner add? "Yuan also has been all over-the-place tonight, so what he actually has, I don't know". Or is that further UI?

If therewere no further penalty, could I now have bid 6 legally?

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