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Another GNT Fiasco

Played in the D9 (Fla) GNT flight A finals today. Before I go further, suffice to say that our team performance  was an embarrassment to bridge. However, the manner in which the event was run was an embarrassment to D9 and the ACBL.

After driving 3 1/2 hours to get to the event, there were 5 teams altogether. Not one of the teams was from anywhere near the playing site. So 20 people drove from anywhere between 2 and 4 hours to get there. Why does D9 persist in holding this event in a place where not one team from the local area ever plays? This site has been used for 6 of the last 7 years , and other than a team led by the owner of the bridge club where the event is held , the site has never had one other team play in flight A from their local area. (this year the owner of the club did not have a team). 

The format was a 5 team round robin to eliminate 1 team, then a semifinal on Sat night and the final on Sunday. Now 4 six board matches certainly isnt optimal, but i understand the need to do it that way. What was terribly disconcerting is that the directors did not decide how to score the event until play concluded. We asked after every round and were told that they either hadnt decided, didnt know, or that it would be wins/losses with ties decided by imp differential. Based on wins/losses, after we concluded play we congratulated everyone else, wished them luck, and made a hasty retreat to the car for the scenic (not!) 3 1/2 hr drive home.

One of our teammates wanted to go back in to see if his double on the very last board had cost us qualifying. He came out and said we had missed by 4 victory points. SAY WHAT? There was never any indication that this was how the event would be scored. There is some difference in strategy playing straight w/l and vp's. If i sat down to play in a matchpoint game, only to find out that it was imp pairs AFTER IT WAS OVER, it would not sit well with me. But, in essence, that is what happened, and i find it very disappointing, and frankly depressing, that the level of indifference by the directors, and the lack of insight by the District Board in using this site for our event, is so blatant. 

For an event that is supposed to have stature, today was a sorry excuse for an effort to make it so.

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