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Another reason for why Bridge is viewed as an old people's game

In the last five years, gender equality and gender fluidity have become major societal issues in the United States.  I do not speak for other OECD countries, but I would assume things to be similar.

The bridge world continues to show its lack of actuality by hanging to old stereotypes or even worst, adding new categories that are totally outdated with the non senior age group.

I am referring in particular to the new WBF 'mixed teams' championships.  Mixed is sexist, ridiculous and so totally outdated!  How about women pairs; why do we still have that category?  We kept itbecause of tradition and it did help female pros, or so I was told.  But why do we have juniors and under 19 segregated by gender?  What message are we instilling in young girls?  You will never be as good as boys?  Does one realize how terribly backwards this is?  When my daughter found out about that, she just couldn't believe it - and I couldn't explain to her why that was.

Why was a mixed teams world championship created?  Was there a need for such a category in the 21st century when some people choose to identify as non binary?  Utter madness, except if we view it from a financial standpoint.  People are willing to pay good money for getting a shot at being a 'mixed champion', therefore the organizers created it.  I understand professional players being happy about it, since it is another way to earn income but it sure ins't in the interest of bridge to be viewed as sexist and/or backwards.

If the game of bridge wants to stay current, it is about time organizations start looking current, diverse and younger.   

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