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Another Smith situation

2nd seat all red. MP pairs. Good regular partner, fine opponents.

K96 JT987 52 A82

the opponents play a 2/1 with a 15-17 1NT. They have a stayman sequence to reach 3NT. 1NT - 2 - 2 - 3NT.

EDIT: got this totally wrong. Opponents' 1NT was 10-13.

Auction was 1N 2C 2S 2N 3N. 2N not promising 4cM. Feel free to change answerez / shout at me.

you play standard leads, udca, and reverse Smith.

You choose to lead the J

Dummy shows up with:

72 KQ5 KQ64 KT65

Heart jack king four two. (Partner gives ud count whenhe can't beat dummy's card)

Diamond four three Ace ?

How much do you like hearts? Remember that a small diamond = like , and a big one = dislike. Count for dummy's long suit takes precedence, but that, not the case here.

Please explain as much as possible. How clear is it?

e.g. Would a positive smith signal guarantee the Ace of hearts, or just say that in context, you still like hearts?

The suggested answers below are not mutually exclusive, just pick something that feels right.

2 like hearts. Best defense seems to continue
2 like hearts. Smith says i have extra length given the lead.
5 dislike hearts. Denies the Ace specifically, here.
5 dislike hearts. The defense should try a different tack.
I always play coded leads vs NT (one abstention option)

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