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Apparently it's OK to psych 2c at online regionals

Just finished a session of the online regaional.  Had an interesting board where the opponents opened 2c and we had a suction auction that ended up with us in a 2s contract.  (2c p 2d 2h p 2s p p p).

I was playing it and dummy came down with a 19 count opposite my 6 hcp and I made 2s+3.

Obviously we called the director to ask for an adjustment.  The opponent apparently had made an error (miclik I assume) which is fine.

Apparently it went to committe and the result stood.

A: I'm not sure if a committe even rules on this or if it is just a point of law.

B: Can't understand why they didn't just score it up as the normal contract of 4s+1 and not penalize the opponents because it was a simple case of a misclik.

I hate to say it but if this is the level of directing at the online regionals this will probably be the last one for me and my partner.


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