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Are tablets the great enablers of live bridge tournaments?

Think about it.

If you must bring a particular type of tablet to your next bridge game in order to be allowed to play:

1.  The directors don't have to spend many manhours duplicating boards.  In fact, they don't need to bring boards at all.

2.  Nobody ever has to touch anything that has been touched by (many) others.

3.  People can sit on chairs 6 feet from any other chair, allowing social distancing.  Yes, we need much more space, but every venue has zillions of chairs, few have enough bridge tables to hold any sort of tournament.  And with masks, the 6' can probably be greatly reduced.

4.  Mobility issues are solved with the increased spacing - there is plenty of room now for wheelchairs or powered chairs.

5.  Irregularities are greatly reduced, meaning that a smaller directing staff is required.

6.  Everyone plays the same boards at the same time, so (a) no talking is permitted, and (b) scoring is practically instantaneous and 100% accurate.  No more crowds around the scores after the session or between sessions.

7.  Slow play is a snap to monitor.  And BIT's are also logged to the thousandth of a second (or more).

8.  Hand records are no longer needed, further reducing the expense of running a tournament.


And if there is a concern about UI, the tournament software can be provided with a routine to block any communication from the device other than to and from the tournament server.  And cameras can be used as usual, with the added bonus that feet can also be videotaped easily.

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