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Are very light openings against the spirit of the game? Are they a form of Psych in 21st century clothing?

Several of my bridge partners have informed me that some of their other partners are now opening 8 point hands in 3rd seat. The intent is to disrupt the constructive bidding of 4th seat and 2nd seat. Upon reflection, I'm not comfortable with this "trend"- if it is a trend. Partnerships spend many hours going over conventions like Help Suit Game Tries, Mini-Splinters and  Drury for 4th seat openers. Yet all three of these go out of the window if an 8 point hand opens in front of 4th chair. Now that player and his/her partner have to rely on their overcall structure rather than their opening bid system to compete. Of course that's the point of the very light opener: get the opponents out of their comfort zone and into overcalling (or takeout doubling) where their systems are not as developed. 

   Not to be naive about this topic, I know that preemptive bids are designed to accomplish the same thing, but at least those bids are known to be preemptive. In terms of the "spirit of the game" I feel that an opening "preempt" of 1 spade based on an 8 point hand that 4th chair takes as either a full opener or an old-fashioned "light" 11 point opener doesn't seem right. In fact the practice reminds me of the debates about Psyches that were still raging when I started playing Duplicate in the 1980s. Most of us frowned on the frequent use of Psyches and psyching pretty much went away.  So in the same vein is opening an 8 point hand a legitimate practice or just a 21st century form of sneaking the Psych back into the game? 


  I know that many of you won't agree with my position but that's why I'm putting it out there for debate and discussion. 

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