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Asking out of turn

South:  1

North: "Alert"

East: "What does that mean?"

North: "You can only ask when it is your turn to bid"

West: "What does that mean?"

North: "You do know that you are not allowed to ask questions solely for your partner's benefit don't you"

West: "I'm not; I want to know"


For some players the Alert card acts just like Pavlov's bell; as soon as you reach for the Alert card out comes "What does that mean", sometimes in stereo.

Well it drives me nuts!


So I propose a rule change; if someone asks when it is not their turn to bid not only do they not get an answer but their partner is forbidden to ask either.

Note that I don't actually want to stop players legitimately asking for explanations; I just need a deterrent for players doing so out of turn. The rule could be introduced slowly over a period of time with just warnings issued to start with e.g. "From 1st January your partner will be forbidden from asking for an explanation of our bid because you have asked out of turn".



Excellent idea
Get a life
Agree there's a problem, disagree with the solution

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