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ATB - missed game

Vulnerable at IMP (KO - WC semi-final if you think it matters), North and South respectively hold AQJ8 84 K98 KQJ8 and 73 A1097 A2 107643 with North as the dealer.

This is certainly a game that you want to bid.

At one table, North opened a 14-16 1NT and South passed.  When they opened a 15-17 1NT at the other table and invited, game was reached (the K was onside; since East had five spades, the location of the King was probably academic).

How do you rate this?

North was at fault - with all those intermediates, the hand was too good for a 14-16 1NT
With aces, a five card suit and a hand eminently suitable for hearts, South should have moved
Both North and South should have bid differently
Both North and South might have bid differently
North should have bid differently; South might have bid differently
South should have bid differently; North might have bid differently
North might have bid differently; no blame to South
South might have bid differently; no blame to North
This was basically a NT range swing - one of those things
Something else

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