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Attracting New Bridge Players

Recent comments in multiple threads have discussed how new players, especially young ones (under 50) can be attracted to our game. One of the problems we have is that many folks have not grown up with or been exposed to the concept of playing cards, and most of those who have either play bridge already or are oriented to gambling versions such as various forms of poker. Last year New York's Dr. Julian Laderman published a superb beginner book using simplified bidding and scoring. It's called "Play Bumblepuppy Bridge." (Master Point Press, Toronto). I recommend you buy and read it. You can find my review in the ACBL District 17 Score Card at

You can watch it in You Tube version at which leads to the point of this article. While I LOVE the idea of having a video to accompany an instruction book (or a book to accompany an instructional video), this is less than wonderful for recruiting purposes. Any takers to re-make this with youngish, athletic players and instructor and good video production values on a nice, well lit set? No pay, but lots of kudos!

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