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Automating Swiss assignments

If you follow the traditional method of Swiss assignments then you start at the top of a sorted list and assign each pair the next highest rated pair that they haven't previously played. Unfortunately by the time you reach the bottom of the table you can have problems finding suitable opps for each pair, especially if the bottom of the table is fairly static.

My solution is to assign the top 1/3rd of the field the normal way.

Then the bottom third effectively working with  an inverted table.

You then do the middle section in the 'normal' way finding opps for anyone who hasn't already got them.

If you have an odd number of pairs then you need to add in a phantom pair with a ridiculously low score (like -999). You can then either have a one-time-only sit-out or arrange a triella.

I'll be running an online swiss event this Thursday using my new software (Excel +VBa); if anyone wants a copy they are very welcome, but I would wait until the live 'debugging'!


(One other wrinkle is that I am using an IMPS pairs room which will give me running IMPs scores; so I need to calculate match scores from these).

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