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Awkward situation - AI, UI or neither?

We played a club game today, where an awkward problem occurred. On many (I would say most deals) one card in the deal was from the wrong deck (i.e. different  color on the back of the card). This card was invariably the A, and was due to machine error. The director was made aware of the situation at round 1 but took no action to rectify it and may be he could not, especially given the time restrictions on today's game (Christmas, we had to clear the parking lot in pretty tight time, and he could not fix a new set of boards).

Is that information AI or UI to everyone at the table? Note, I am not asking if you would use it in practice. I am interested if there is any law applicable to this situation.


No law covering this, so AI
No law covering this, so UI
Other, because there is always other

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