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Last week at the Williamsburg, VA Regional, I put my partner in 6d. It turns out she had 13 tricks by ruffing her heart suit in the dummy until they were good, but we decided to draw a couple rounds of trumps 1st. Now we started cross-ruffing, and taking finesses, and going merrily back a forth until, in the three card ending, she ruffed a heart in dummy with dummy's last (high) trump, and play screeched to a halt as my LHO studied...

Well, his last 3 cards were a trump smaller than declarer's last trump, the only club higher than the 10 in the dummy, and the only spade higher than the 9 in the dummy! This, in combination with my RHOs early (and unwise) discard of a heart (making the heart in declarer's hand high), completed the backwash squeeze!

He finally decided to discard his club K, but Ruthie called for the 10 of clubs, ruffed and over-ruffed, and the 13th heart took trick 13.

Nicely done, partner!

Jeff Roman



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