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Back to Basics, assumptions about WJOs

In this very narrow situation,

1. Imps: we vul, they non-vul

2. Auction starts with dealer as 1C (no alert)

3. Your partner makes an immediate jump overcall of 2S , agreement is we play weak jump overcalls. We play a full 2/1 cc and purport to being advanced players.


Questions are:

1. When playing weak jump overcalls, what differentiates a 2nd seat

    a.  (1C)  1S call? vs

    b.  (1C)  2S call? vs

    c.  (1C)  3S call? 

2. What differs from a direct 2S weak jump overcall versus a 3rd seat weak jump overcall of 2S?


3. a. How weak can a wjo 2S in 2nd seat be? Vully imps

3. b. How strong can a wjo 2S be in 2nd seat? Vully imps


4. Do the above answers bear weight because it is the boss suit, ie, would the answers change for a 2D or a 2H wjo?


5. And just to be thorough, how does the complexion of a wjo 2S change if this is 3rd seat action, therefore partner is a passed hand?  This is hypothetical and not at issue regarding the hand played (this time).


I need help in decision making based on real expert techniques for using weak jump overcalls. Assume no table read of opponents.  Assume the opponents are world class who just as soon double then eat you alive before letting you get away with speeding.


And taking all of that into account,  


Imps: Red vs white

(1C)  2S  (P)  ?


How do you proceed with (my hand):

KQ7   AKT    AT987    76



You know I wouldn't ask about this if I had chosen the winning bid or gotten a decent result.  Our side took 12 tricks. But please don't let that influence the answers to the above detailed questions. Thanks for your help!

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