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CHINA RED wins the Wagar Women's KO on appeal

(Editor's note: article has been changed since original publication due to the appeal)

Congratulations to teamCHINA RED(WenfeiWang, RanJingrong,HongliWang, LuYan,YuZhang,ShaoHongWu)for winning the Wagar Women's KO over teamBAKER(Lynn Baker, KarenMcCallum, KerriSanborn, IrinaLevitina,JoAnnaStansby). BAKERtrailed theCHINA REDteam by just 3 IMPs going into the final quarter, but managed to pick up 7 IMPs in the final quarter to win by 4 ... until an appeal made on a board in the 3rd quarter was heard. CHINA RED claimed that misinformation had been given, causing declarer to fail in a contract they would have made with the correct information. The committee ruled that the declarer's line of play was markedly inferior and had to keep the result, but did agree that misinformation had been given and penalized the BAKERteam 5-6 IMPs. This was enough to swing the match to CHINA RED and create a "Dewey defeats Truman" moment for early reporters of the score (such as ourselves).

In the Spingold, the upsets continued, with #2NICKELL falling to a 4th quarter rally by #18HAMMAN,118-115. Only two of the top 8 seeds (#4 MONACO, #8 LAVAZZA) remain in the round of 8.

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