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Balancing Two Notrump after a Weak Two or Other Two Level Opening

It seems that there is a considerable range of thinking about balancing 2NT after a two level opening. 

Following a Weak Two Bid, which of the following best describes your preferred lower and upper range when non-vulnerable at IMPs?

For the penultimate question, will you up this range at all when vulnerable?

For the last question, would you up this range at all if the opener showed 10-13 with 5+ unbalanced (a 2-suiter about half of the time)?

Please select up to 4 choices.

1. The low end is 12 HCP
2. The low end is 13 HCP
3. The low end is 14 HCP
4. The low end is 15 HCP
5. The high end is 15 HCP
6. The high end is 16 HCP
7. The high end is 17 HCP
8. The high end is 18 HCP
9. The high end is 19 HCP
10. My range would be adjusted upward when vulnerable (still at IMPs)
11. My range would be adjusted upward if the two bid is 10-13 unbalanced

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