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BBO: A Query

I’m a newbie to on-line play — three efforts to date on bbo, plus trying to navigate (unsuccessfully) the website’s dazzling array of options.

I have a full hand of observations, comments and questions, but I’ll stifle myself and cut to just one:

Today, I agreed to play in a Speedball or maybe a speed-up session (which is not my speed — only Imps are) and it turned out to be a contest between my partnership against another partnership (competent opponents, mostly interesting deals).

Apparently, we reached our quota of boards within some sort of time limit and my partner tabled a request for more deals since he hadn’t yet held an opening hand.

Soon after, the screen shut down and that was the end of it.

My query: In essence, were we playing some form of total point scoring? If so, shouldn't it be properly named?

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