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BBO Cracks 52,000 Concurrent Users

BBO users and table counts for Monday April 13, 2020

BBO cracked 52,000 users today. The peak load was 52,141 at 12:04:57 PST. At this time there were 10,742 tables in play. This means at least 9,173 players were kibitzing, waiting for a tournament to start, reviewing boards, or otherwise not playing, though this number is probably higher because robots were occupying seats at some tables.

The peak table count of 10,803 occurred at 11:52:30 PST. There is a steady decline in both users and tables as the east coast dinner hour approaches, which is typical.

Though I can only speak for myself, BBO seems to be holding up really well. During the last two weeks I've had momentary trouble logging in. Pulling up player profiles has sometimes been slow or failed. Ocassionally the chat messaging queue is slammed hard with several messages arriving all at once. But the core bidding and card play has remained very responsive. All the ACBL virtual club tournaments that I have played in have gone off without a hitch.

BBO deserves a round of applause for keeping up with all this!

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