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BBO Dealer scripts

This is a technical query for those who use BBO scripts for generating practice deals. It doesn't contain any nursery rhymes.

As I understand it, the program uses Hans van Satveren's Dealer program whose syntax is described here:

But it doesn't appear to use all of it. As a simple example, if I specify

shape (south, 4432)

it deals South nothing but 4=4=3=2 hands. That's fine. But if I specify

shape (south, - 4=4=3=2)

because I don't want South to be 4-4-3-2, it doesn't generate anything except a message saying "Error generating deal".

There are other features of the syntax described in the help file that, as far as I can tell, just don't work. Why is this thus? What is the reason for this thusness?

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