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BBO deletes play "History" with ZERO notice!

Here is a message I just sent to BBO.  If you agree, perhaps you might "Like" it, or send your own message?  If they know that enough of us care, maybe it will matter to them?


It makes complete sense that you must delete the historical files that would be taking up so much space and processing (when used). However:

* You could have given some notice

* You could have deleted all but the most recent week (5 days? other?)

* Like gmail does with trash & spam, you could set up a system that auto deletes all history after a certain period.

I am not the only person who needed a day or two before I could review the hands from Friday, May 15, and now that chance is gone forever.

It seems that bbo offers an unparalleled service, yet my advice is that, when it comes to serving your customers, you act as if you had some serious competition - if you do not, then someday you will have that serious competition!


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