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BBO Misclaim - how should coordinator rule?


Spades are trumps. North is on lead. There is a small trump outstanding most likely with east as west followed with Q and J when A and K of spades were cashed. Heart 10 is also good. 

At this stage, north misclaimed 2 tricks instead of 3 though all 3 tricks are available by ruffing a small diamond in south hand and drawing trump with east who has trump to follow before south. No logical way for declarer to blow a trick. EW promptly accpeted the claim of 2 tricks but when declarer pointed it out before next deal, both agreed to get it corrected, but after the session, as only table host can correct and he was playing at the other table.

After the session, host refused to correct the claim. The case reported to event coordinator. How it should be ruled?


Coordinator should not intervene and let the 2 teams decide
Allow all 3 tricks
Allow only 2 tricks

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