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BBO Robots will will work to Save Your Club! At Your Convenience!

You can now play in the New ACBL SYC Black Point Daylong Tournament, BB$ 5 entry fee, with BB$ 4  finding iits way to your ACBL-sanctioned Club(s).  

In addition to the regularly scheduled 10 am, 5 pm, and 7:30 pm (All EDT) ACBLSYC games, where you have a human partner, human opponents, and strictly enforced time conrols of 7 minutes per board, this NEW!  Starting TODAY!  ACBL SYC Black Point Daylong Tournament will allow you  to play when you want, at your own chosen speed, and take breaks along the way. Your partner and your opponents in this Tournament, BBO Robots all, will work just as hard as you do to Save Your Club.

And, if you excel in the competition, you will win some of those extremely rare (rare online that is) treasured, valued, and cherished ACBL Black Masterpoints (r)NOTE:  If you are an ACBL non-Life-Master, these Black Masterpoints (R) will count toward the required number of Black Masterpoints you need to earn the ACBL Life Master rank.

AND ... This game will never max out!  No table count limit!  You can always sign on!

More info from BBO for the New ACBL SYC Black Point Daylong Tournament ONLY is at

BBO info/FAQ for the daily Support Your Clubs pairs games remains at

More info from ACBL at

More info from The Common Game at

Play Bridge!  Have fun!  Support Your Club(s)!  Put those Robots to work!  Improve Your Game!


edit:  add link to BBO info/FAQ on daily Support Your Clubs pairs games

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