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Becoming a life master

I am sure most of you have read the rather interesting letter to the editor in the July issue of ACBL Bulletin. I quote: "Why are Life Masters playing in the Gold Rush events at ACBL regionals? While these LMs may be under the threshold of 750 MPs, they do not need the gold points. ... Even more aggravating and frustrating for the rest of us non-LMs struggling to get our gold points is to see two LMs paired up and playing in the Gold Rush! ... If the ACBL continues to allow LMs to play in the Gold Rush games, they'll do it."

While we are at it, I suggest to add the following: ACBL should also exclude any one who ever placed in the overalls in a club championship, sectional, regional or a national event from entering the Gold Rush events. 

Then there are poor souls like myself who had to win their points playing at a time when there were no flighted events (all events were open), no Gold Rush events and no Swiss teams. My greatest thrill was winning a two-session open pairs in a sectional tournament playing against a field with over 40 Life Masters when both my partner and I were still non life masters.

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