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Best use of 2 opening in a big club system

Those playing a big  1(16/17+) system, what would you prefer to be your 2 opening? Sorry I dislike multi so will not offer that option but if you really like it you can vote for the last option and elaborate.


If you prefer different options at imps and mps please vote for imp option and mention the mp option in comments

Weak 2 in Diamonds
Flannery (5+ 4 (10)11-15(16))
Diamond short guaranteeing 4-4 in Majors (4414 or 4405)
Diamond short (4414/4405/3415/4315)
Opening hand with diamonds, unbalanced (like precision 2 opening)
Other (please elaborate)

Sorry, to answer polls. Registered users can vote in polls, and can also browse other users' public votes! and participate in the discussion.

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