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Best use of 2NT here

Dealer North, both vulnerable. Assume Swiss/IMPs/30 VP scale. What's the best use of responder's delayed 2NT here? Typical North American methods, double by responder over 2 would've been negative for the minors, 2NT would've been natural.

(p) 1 (2) p

(p) dbl (p) 2NT ?

I'm including Good/Bad (lebensohl) but as we have not adopted such methods in other competitive sequences, I'm more interested in Natural vs. Pick-a-Minor.

Natural can makes sense if opener suggests extras with the double, or you feel it's the least worst landing place when responder almost had enough for 2NT last round.

Pick-a-minor makes sense in that opener will rarely be 4-4 in the minors while responder often will be.

Good/Bad makes sense in that opener is not limited and we may still have game prospects.

Transfers probably make some sense, again we aren't likely to adopt those any time soon.

"Otherwise" below means "if required to choose Natural or Pick-a-Minor" since my partner are basically debating between those two.

Edit: Added lebensohl as an alternate title for Good/Bad. I'm not clear what the distinction is or which label applies here, but anyway the idea is to use 2NT on weak hands and direct bids at the three level on constructive hands.

Good/Bad (lebensohl), otherwise Natural
Good/Bad (lebensohl), otherwise Pick-a-Minor
Good/Bad (lebensohl), otherwise neither
Transfers, otherwise Natural
Transfers, otherwise Pick-a-Minor
Transfers, otherwise neither

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