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Bid 2 Bid with a Bridge Champion to help Trump Alzheimer’s!

For the 2nd year in a row, some of the best in bridge have come to Help Trump Alzheimer’s in the Bid 2 Bid Auction for the Alzheimer's Association: The Longest Day. Win a BBO speedball game with one of these champions:

 Thomas Bessis  Curtis Cheek  Ish Del’Monte  Josh Donn  Joe Grue  Bob Hamman  Geoff Hampson John Kranyak  Leo Lasota  Bobby Levin  Jill Levin  Migry  Chris Willenken  Joel Wooldridge

Do what you love and give back now! Get bidding now @ !

Team Platinum CEM – representing the GNYBA and Stef’s Bridge School - enabled 6 different ways to participate in the Alzheimer’s Association: The Longest Day:

 PLAY BRIDGE – on June 21st & 22nd, 9 bridge events are scheduled across 3 top clubs in NYC (Honors Bridge Center, Cavendish Bridge Club & Aces Bridge Club) for a total of 19.5 hours of bridge activities! Bagels for breakfast and champagne & brownies from Jame's Beard Chef Rj cooper for evening events. Full schedule available at

 BID 2 BID – Bridge Champion Auction to win a Bridge Base Online speedball game with the best in bridge! Visit our website @

 DONATE – Visit our website @

 BUY RAFFLE TICKETS – Win a playing lesson at a NYC club with a top NYC PRO! Visit our website @

 SHOP – We made gear for another way to give for a cause. Buy a comfy t-shirt or sweatshirt today! All sizes are available! Visit our website

 SHARE – Help spread Alzheimer’s Awareness via our Facebook pages: GNYBA & Stef’s Bridge School


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