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Bidding 3NT in direct seat after a preemptive bid

Assume both-vulnerable, IMPs.

Your RHO opens 3 in the first seat.

With which of these hands you bid 3NT?

Did vulnerability affect your answer and what are your methods after 3NT?

Please select up to 8 choices.

KQx KJx xx KQxxx
AKx xx Jxx AKxxx
KQx Qxxx AJx Kxx
AKx Qxxx Kxx Kxx
KQx Qxxxx Kxx AJ
KQx AQJT9 Kxx xx
AKx QJTx AJ Qxxx
QJx AKxxx Kxx Ax
QT9 xx AKTxx AJT
none of above
all of above

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