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Bidding philosophy

Today a deal came up where the answer I was suggesting revolted my partner to a degree that I said I would consult the experts.

This isn't a right or wrong as much as an issue of philosophy.

Your hand is 1076543/K/9765/A4 and you are at favorable vulnerability at matchpoint pairs. I dont think the quality of the other players at the table is relevant but you and your partner are certainly stronger than each of your opponents playing a decent club game.

In second seat (and yes for the benefit of my readers YOU are in second seat) you hear 1 opened in 1st seat to your right.

Which of these positions is closest (or least far away) from your position

I pass since all spade calls are unacceptable
I bid 1 since all preempts are unacceptable and passing is wrong (for whatever reason that might be)
I bid 2 since preempting is necessary and 1 doesnt do the trick while 3 is way too much
I bid 3 since at this vulnerability partner will understand that we need to act whaever the justification
Other (one of the above bids but for a completely different reason)
Other (another action than the ones indicated)

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