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Bidding-practice webapp

For your info, I recently built a simple web-app for bidding-practice.

I did this in order to help my partners practice/learn a new, quite different and aggressive strong-1 (16+) system, and where most other 1- and 2-level opening-bids cover the 10-15 hcp range (we open almost all hands from 10+hcp, and frequently use canapé-style and artificial continuations). 

The idea is to simply randomize two hands, from hcp-ranges given, and let you construct a proper bidding-sequence for them, as an aid to learning a new bidding-system.

There are also options available to get opps into the bidding with an overcall or a takeout-X, if you want to see how the system works against interference (we use transfers in many such situations).

You bid East-West's hands, and West is always the Dealer.

It works in laptop/desktop browsers, as well as mobile-devices for convenient use while commuting or having some time to kill :)

If you think you too could have use of this app, feel free to try it:

Just save this link as a bookmark, or on your start-screen/home-screen for quick and easy access.

(This is a single-page javascript app. It has no backend engine or database, all program-logic as well as data-storage is executed and kept in your browser only, using the html5 localStorage feature. No tracking, and no ads.)

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