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Bidding systems without forcing opening bid

I was wondering if it is conceivable to play a system with no forcing opening bids at all. No strong 2, no strong 1, not even Namyats. (Don't ask how I got the idea.) Obviously, playing such a system you will have to find a way to deal with a powerful hand when you are dealt one.

With very strong unbalanced hands you can open in a suit at the one level and hope to survive. With very strong balanced hands you can decide to open 3NT or the like, or you can once again open on the one level and hope that it will not be passed out.

The upside of such a system would be that you have more opening bids for mundane hands at your disposal, for preemptive use or to distinguish certain constructive hand types, as you see fit. The downside is apparent: You might play game or even slam in a partscore when you open at a low level and no one else finds a bid.

Every standard system I know includes a strong forcing opener. This may be because such systems are superior on principle, or it may be for purely traditional reasons. What do you think, how well might a system without a forcing opening bid do in practice? What I mean is, can the upsides in "normal" hands compensate for the losses in strong hands?

(I am aware that the results can still substantially depend on the quality of the rest of the system. This is a purely abstract question; I hope you can live with the poll options, which are about long-term expectation.)

It will lose in the long run because of the strong hands, both balanced and unbalanced ones.
It will lose in the long run because of the strong balanced hands. Unbalanced ones are not a problem.
It will lose in the long run because of the strong unbalanced hands. Balanced ones are not a problem.
It will do fine, there will be sufficient compensation for the losses in all strong hands.
Other (please feel free to elaborate).

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