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Blast from the past?

Many of you will remember Dave Treadwell.  Dave died almost 10 years ago (is it really that long?) at the age of 97.  He was, to put it mildly, a personality.

Dave is a member of the ACBL Hall of Fame.

In one of our many discussions over dinner between sessions of bridge tournaments, Dave told me about his experiences working on the Manhattan Project.  He worked at a research facility at Hanford, Washington.  He referred to Hanford as one of the most God-forsaken places on earth.

In later years, and certainly in large part due to the work done during the Manhattan Project, the site at Hanford became one of the worst nuclear wastesites in the world.  There is an ongoing cleanup project at the site.

This came to mind as I saw this article on today:

Dave told me once that when he was being recruited for the Manhattan Project, the recruiter would not tell him exactly what he was being recruited for.  Also, he was given a large document to sign.  As Dave related it to me, one of the provisions in the document read something like this:

"During the course of your employment, you will come into possession of classified information.  Should you reveal this classified information to anyone not entitled to receive it you will be shot."

Quite a recruitment tool.

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