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Blue Over Red Boards

Am I the only one here a bit disconcerted by playing tournaments with the red plastic boards which seem to have become common in ACBL regionals?  The board is all red, and there are relatively small directional labels with either red or white background to indicate the vul.

When these boards are in use, I need to continually remind myself to look carefully at the vulnerability.  Even then, sometimes I've just told myself that I'm favorable, yet I "feel" like it's both vul.

I've spoken to a handful of players about this, and found only one other who knew what I was talking about.  We are both long time players, and when we started it was most common to play with metal boards and red vulnerability inserts.  So when we see all red background, our insinct is that both are vul.

Obviously this is not a major problem, and I probably just need to suck it up, as I have been for a couple of years now.  However, I am curious as to how many other people have this same issue.  If there are enough of us, maybe these boards should be phased out.

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