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Doing well at bridge has a way of lulling me to sleep about my shortcomings as a player. Nothing like getting the opportunity to pay the semifinal match of the Gold Coast Congress Teams on VuGraph to bring a healthy dose of reality to matters. Our team did well enough in the three day qualifying to win the round robin which ranks up there among my greatest bridge wins. This earned us a bye to the semifinal and the right to choose our opposition.

There are some bridge players that intimidate me at the table and our chosen opponents happened to have one of them on their team. Nabil Edgtton is tall, dark and handsome, and certainly in my view, aspires to be the world's best player.

He was my rho and declarer on the following deal, let's call it blunder #1.

Try as I may, I am so far unable to download the deals from VuGraph into Bridgewinners. So my diction will have to suffice.

I held:





and opened the bidding one heart in third seat favorable. Lefty doubled, Nabil bid 1NT and Lefty raised to 3. I led a low heart and promptly patted myself on the back as my partner won dummy's stiff king with the ace, for not having led my measly honor sequence. I was still chuffed with myself when partner returned the 2 of spades at trick 2.

Dummy, for those interested:





On this trick declarer tanked before playing low to my jack and dummy's ace. Now, if there is any ounce of ethics in declarer, I think it is nearly 100% that based on his tank he has the queen of spades. I had the opportunity to play the Rosenblum and World Pairs with Roger Lee and he did a fine job of helping me to start to decipher a players holdings from their tempo.

Well, Mr. Edgtton, my good friend I might add, now played ace of clubs and a club to his queen on which my partner played the jack. Next, he tried the 8 of hearts. Not being a fool, I won this trick with my jack. And then, being a fool, tried to cash out and play my partner, all of the sudden, for the spade queen/ gave declarer his 9th trick.

Idiot! Lose 11. Our teammates managed to make an overtrick in 3NT when, after the same auction, they continued hearts at trick 2. My man Sartaj Hans, knew better.

To be continued...

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