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Board Analysis - What will you be looking for?

If you had an analysis tool, able to analyze Vugraph data from BBO, what type of patterns will you be looking for?

Few things that come to my mind:

  • What is the average HCP/hand pattern for a 3rd seat opening (Vul vs Non Vul)?
  • How many times overcall was made in one table, not in the other and the IMP swing on the board was > 3 IMP (cause of IMP swing can be something else)
  • How many times the opening bid was 2 and the deal produced a swing > 3 IMP
  • Or it might be partnership specific ….How many times does Meckwell open hands at 1 level with HCP <12 (or 11 or 10)

... (No interpretations please, like what is the reason for IMP swing..bidding/declarer play/defense)

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