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BOG Motions in Orlando - Linda Trent

Motion: Moved by Linda Trent, District 22, that the ACBL purchase/use new playing cards in all boards at the beginning of each NABC.

Motion: Moved by Linda Trent, District 22, the ACBL put in place a Director Memo System that allows players to report Director errors and issues.

Discussion: This will identify errant rulings as well as total breakdowns. It's intent is to identify wrong law applications as well as players misconceptions. it could possibly point to a director that is making too many incorrect rulings. Training would perhaps help. It would be modelled like the Player Memo system, My reasoning is that we are in an era that we have lost talented directors: Henry Cukoff, Millard Nachtway, Doug Grove, Olin Hubert, and more that I can't think of right away. Our Directors do the best they can but the top tier is not as strong as in the past.


At the Reno tournament the following occurred in an NABC+ event. We had an auction that both sides failed to Alert

I thought I had the hand record but I can't find it. I had S AQxx and a balanced 8 count, my partner had a balanced 15 with 3 spades.

W     N         E      S

1D - Dbl* - 2H*. 2S

As South I played 2S. Before the opening lead my partner called attention the to the failure to Alert the Dbl and that it promised 15+ HCP, any distribution. I went down 2 for -200.

Then, the defenders then explained that their 2H bid showed spades. Obviously I would not bid 2S if i knew my RHO had shown spades. I never got a ruling. I noticed at 3 am my score had changed to -100.

I thought this was a gross failure to do a job. They should have at least made a ruling which then gives both sides the opportunity to ask for a committee.

Bobby Wolff would give us both a zero for Convention Disruption. I don't think the failure to Alert the Dbl was terribly distorted bid but I did not Alert an Alertable call. Fwiw 1NT by North shows 3 card support for all unbid suits - any distribution including up to 4 diamonds and 8-12 HCP.

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