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Boye Brogeland reports that the "Bridge Interpol" has reported two new possible cases to the WBF

Within the past 30 minutes or so, Boye has suggested on another BW thread that:

"If the WBF doesn't refer to two top tips from the Bridge Interpol at tomorrow's press conference, everybody should raise their hand and ask some necessary questions."

In response to questions on that thread ("Who Will Win the Bermuda Bowl?"), Boyestated that:

1. Yes, this subject does deserve its own thread; and

2. Both of these two newly reported pairs are indeed present at the Bermuda Bowl in Chennai.

However, Boye added the following important details and caveats:

"We don't have all the evidences lined up like for Fisher & Schwartz (actually more and more flooded in) and Fantoni & Nunes (easier to get when it's every freaking hand), but the evidences can be released during the Bermuda Bowl if the players or the WBF don't do the right thing. And by all means: If the pairs were clean when they qualified for the Bermuda Bowl: Please play - nothing bad will happen."

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