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Hi Boye,

We know for long time. U know how much I respect you as a person and as a bridge player.

I have to share with u my feelings about everything that happened recently.

1. I know Lotan and Ron for many many years. for me, the ethics of the game are above everything.

As u know, I was their captain during the last EC championship when Israel won gold medal. I've watched and studied every board they played, and couldnt even once find a board where u can say "hey, there is something wrong".

2. Since I know u, and your passion for bridge, u always carry the hand records, after every session u sit and talk about every board that was played.

How do u think I should feel when for 2 years when u played with them on the same team, u couldnt find 1 single strange / bad move and now, after they changed teams, u happen to lose to them and suddenly they are the biggest cheaters the world have known?

As I told u already in Chicago, I think the rulling that made u lose the match against Cayne was wrong. But hey, shit happens!

U win some - U lose some.

I'll be the first to say - if u have serious proof of lotan-ron cheating, come on. let the world know. 

BUT if u only have rumors, then u should be carefull, as u hurt people's income and u hurt their reputation.

3. U know, unfortunatly there were accussations of people cheating a lot. I heard people accusing fantoni-nunes of cheating and some more top pairs. Some people cant stand the fact that the same pair / team wins over and over again.

We should all be VERY carefull before we make such strong and serious statements like u did, beacuse if it will turn out to be false alarm, u will have hard time recovering what u've ruined.

I truly believe in a clean game. I think all cheaters should be thrown out of the game, BUT hey, it takes a lot to proof someone has cheated and so far, besides making bold statements I didnt see a single proof.

I expect a player at your level to first come out with some proof before u call the world to throw one of the more successing pairs in the world, out of the game.


Ron Pachtmann

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