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Boye's call for action

Boye Brogeland alluded to some forthcoming news in the MP "The Whole Story" thread that left many people wondering the who, what, when, where, and how.

I can only tell you what you probably have already surmised, that (I have heard) it has to do with significant evidence of cheating against one or more pairs that participated among the final four teams in the Spingold.

There has been a great deal of discussion regarding this topic among many of the world's top pairs, but due to regulations regarding statements about cheating or ethics, it has been difficult for anyone to publicly levy any accusations, or make public any damning evidence. This would not be necessary if a more proactive stance were being taken by any of the bridge federations but (with sympathy) it really is a "no-win" situation for them and they are understandably not anxious to take any irreversible actions without absolute and definitive proof.

It is my understanding that a large portfolio of hands have been compiled that would be considered damning evidence to anyone viewing them, but because it is not *absolute* proof, no bridge federation has yet accepted it as sufficient documentation of wrongdoing. The main problem is that those in charge of oversight are either waiting to hear or trying to determine *how* the guilty act is being done when in fact, that is not relevant and may never be discovered. What matters is that it *is* being done and that there is sufficient evidence to support that claim.

I think everyone would agree that this would be best handled by a bridge federation in a proper manner, but it seems likely that if they fail to accept that responsibility, that it will be handled in some other way.

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