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Brain Performance Drugs

I went to Rite-Aid yesterday and noticed a floor-standing display of "neuriva" and "neuriva plus" brain performance drugs in front of the prescription counter. Nootropics and "smart drugs" have been around for a long time but I've never seen one marketed like that. I can't help but wonder whether or not they actually work and if they do, whether or not bridge players use them, particularly older players.

Random drug testing, WBF policy, Geir Helgemo, etc., have been discussed in other BW topics so let's not repeat them. Instead, please be honest and describe whatever you know about brain performance drugs in the context of duplicate bridge. Have you ever used them? Have others used them? Do they work? Do they require a prescription?

Also, please discuss whether or not you consider using brain performance drugs to play bridge ethical, regardless of governing body rules, at any or all levels of play.

If you're not comfortable posting your responses on BW, please send me a private message. I'll collect and post the most insightful responses, without identifying anyone of course, and I'll delete your message.

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