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Breedge (and a variety of bridges)

I allow myself to use this term to denote bridge with all the changes I proposed in my previous posts. (Their list is available here The rules of breedge are far simpler therefore more logical. Moreover, breedge itself triggers almost fully natural bidding (benefits obvious). Finally, it eliminates this nightmarish cheating. I suppose it's good enough! Certainly, the way from bridge to breedge might be divided into a few stages (for instance one change a year). It's possible to play various variants at the same time (will it hurt anyone?), for example, the BBO might introduce an option of playing a chosen variant, as a player wishes.

It is hard to count here on any initiative on the part of bridge organisations since the moment they have issued their rules, codes and regulations, they invariably close their minds to any otherness or novelty (or, not infrequently, impede any attempt to put it into practise). What about you, the players? Do you seriously believe that in this best of all worlds you play the best version of bridge possible?

Years ago, I believed so myself. I have dealt with each and every aspect of the game. I adopted a critical view and tried to introduce to bridge something new and better, like Weak Opening Systems, Algorithms of Naturality, Systems in Defence. One day, however, I took a look at the very rules and common practises. There is so much illogicality in them and so much stupidity that I must shout out loud: Bridge is ill and in need of therapy.

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