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Bridge and Artificial Intelligence in Orlando

In recent years some articles/comments were published on BW about project Alphabridge initiated by Veronique Ventos in 2015.

The project has evolved (switching names from Alphabridge to NuBridge in the process, to distinguish itself from AlphaGo) over the years and NukkAI was born in May 2018: it is a private lab of Artificial Intelligence, based in Paris, whose primary objective is to address the bridge challenge(s). The idea is to gather researchers from different AI communities (both symbolic and numeric) and bridge experts to create an AI that will hopefully outperform the best human players and provide human-readable rules expliciting the reasons for decision making.

Unlike other games where machines already surpass humans, bridge is a cooperative, incomplete information game: we believe that solving Bridge would be a significant step towards Artificial General Intelligence. The algorithms we are designing may later find applications in many « real-life » fields such as healthcare or insurance.

NukkAI has had a very successful seeding round with 4 prominent investors (2 fund managers and 2 entrepreneurs) and next step is the series-A scheduled in March-April where we hope to raise 10M€.

We have set up a strong research team and already have bridge champions working with us trying to improve our bridge robot but also designing challenges to come: unlike Go, the machine vs human challenges are not easy to define and we definitely need the bridge community to help us with that.

So we will be in Orlando from September 27 to October 7 to:

  • officially present the project to the WBF
  • meet bridge addicts who are interested in joining ship one way or the other
  • grab beers with  anybody who might feel interested in discussing the project
  • support WBridge5 that has been boosted by Veronique and that will defend its title at the Computer Championships
  • play in the Mixed Competition with the family team: Veronique, Veronique’s daughter (Solène, past member of the U26 French girl team), Veronique's son (Colin, current member of French U26 team) and me. We will be recognizable thanks to our NuBridge shirts :)


Veronique and Jean-Baptiste at the international conference on Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) in Ferrara, Italy (August 2018) where Veronique presented NukkAI’s first article: « The game of Bridge: a challenge for ILP »

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